Lau Nau Poseidon digital release, Japan edition and LP import


Poseidon in digital services

Lau Nau’s new Poseidon album is now available in all digital services including Spotify, Apple music, Deezer and Tidal.

Poseidon vinyl import

We received a few copies of the vinyl! It is released by Beacon Sound in USA and the vinyl includes an mp3 download coupon. It is available from our shop.

Poseidon Japan licensing

We are also very happy to announce Fonal Records’ first ever licensing deal to Japan. Our long time distributor Yacca/Inpartmaint will release the Poseidon album in Japan in CD and digital format along with a bonus track. We will also make the bonus track available as a free download later. Just for fun here is the tracklist in Japanese.

ラウ・ナウ: ポセイドン
1. カリガリ
2. エリナ
3. ウネッサ
4. スオヤ・ウニ・メイタ
5. エックス・ワイ・ゼット・オー
6. ポセイドン
7. トゥンティ
8. ソルブスプーン・アッラ
9. ピアノピルヴィ
10. ルディア
12. ヌカッハタミスラウル(ボーナス・トラック)

If you’re a fan of Japanese type like we are you can check Yaccas website here: