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A1 Ajasta jäljessä
A2 Funtsi
A3 Ilta aikaa
A4 Toivon että suukonkin saan
A5 Pidän susta, tyhmä
B1 Koputan puuta
B2 Kaivoin kuopan
B3 Voi ei, ei voi olla totta
B4 Minne ratsuni laukkaa
B5 E.s.o.p.m.j.m.v.m.p.s.o.(pallo)

Tv-resistori, the flagship of Finnish sung indie pop, has finally finished their third album, released by Fonal Records. This much anticipated self-titled album has been under construction since 2006. Despite (or perhaps because of) all the trouble with computers and quality standards that the band set for the material, Tv-resistori has manged to encourage its horse to a gallop unforeseen. The album fuses a broad array of influences into one seamless entity, appealing to afficianados of American roots music and modern indie kids digging Jenny Wilson or Belle & Sebastian.

The beautiful vocal harmonies of Päivi, and Ykä (the singer-songwriter of the group) flourish, while the cheap bubblegum keyboards have been mostly exchanged for warm, acoustic sounds from upright piano, to banjo’s or drums made out of suitcases. Although these mature, timeless songs lean towards Finnish schlager, Motown or even country music, it doesn't mean things have gotten boring or lean towards the middle of the road – they’re just more confident. Tv-resistori can still shake, rattle and roll like young stallions let out to the fields for the first time after the winter. Nevertheless, to balance the upbeat dance numbers like Funtsi, Ilta aikaa or Minne ratsuni laukkaa, their tape has also captured one the most touching bluegrass ballads of this century, E.S.O.P.M.J.M.V.M.P.S.O. (Pallo). Don't let the song title fool you.

Total lenght: 40 minutes
Catalogue Number: FR-77
Released: 6.4.2011
Record label: Fonal Records