Blaze Mountain Recordings



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1. Kämmen, kynsi, kieli
2. Sateen tullessa
3. Uni pöllönä olemisesta
4. Emoa ikävä
5. Palaa aurinkoon
6. Pete P
7. Silmä-Ämlis*
8. Kristallipallosilmät

*Previously unreleased track

“Kokkonen’s long, languid melody lines contrast spectacularly with Räisänen’s jittery, postpunk guitar and a bellows instrument that seems intent on depositing the better part of a symphony between the song’s cracks. Like the album’s seven other tracks, it’s a world in itself, radiating rampant allure.”
—Rod Smith / Time Out New York

From the ecstatic peace website: “Blaze Mountain Recordings is a live document, all music and words by Merja and played by Merja and Jukka. It’s the perfect portal to enter the living world of ISLAJA’s music/art spirit with a unity of traditional Finnish forest mystery and a radical song universe.”

Record label: Ecstatic Peace