Olimpia Splendid music video Agda


A live version of the song Agda shot on 16mm film. The song is available on the long awaited second album by the Finnish band Olimpia Splendid. Fonal Records and Kraak Records will co-release the album by Olimpia Splendid titled “2” on 17th March 2023 on vinyl and digital platforms.

The music video by Ben Russell is adapted from his 2021 feature film “The Invisible Mountain”. The film is a hallucinatory portrait of a roadie for Olimpia Splendid traveling from Finland to Greece in search of the utopian summit described in René Daumal’s Mount Analogue.

Agda by Olimpia Splendid
Directed by Ben Russell https://www.dimeshow.com
Edited by Ben Russell
Steadicam by Chris Fawcett
Focus by Helene Degrandcourt
Sound by Jakov Munizaba
Mix by Rob Walker
Filmed at Kirtimu Kulturös Centras in Vilnius, Lithuania
Adapted from the film “The Invisible Mountain” (2021) Produced by VSBL MTN in association with Faliro House