Tuusanuuskat music video by Gabriela González


Gabriela González has made a brand new animated music video for Tuusanuuskat. Taken from the brand new album the track is titled Nyt mä lähden tästä pelistä pois. Here’s what Gabriela says about her work.

“I use the most rudimentary form of stop-motion animation where I basically mess around with clay on a small surface and then mix the results with footage I’ve filmed and tampered with. It might be my technical failings or the legacy of my childhood, but I seem to be going for that corny keyed in 90’s look so popular in science shows and supernatural kiddy dramas.”

“I’ve mainly made music videos until now, and most of them are on my “website” stonedcrimes.tumblr.com. Nowadays I’ve been making more abstract visuals very much in the same vein as the Tuusanuuskat video: weird shapes, with minimal planning, and just seeing where the forms that appear take me next. Some sort of hipster Rorschach test, I guess. Coming up very soon is a stint at the Ghent Film Festival Thursday 19/10, where I’m working on a 20-minute visual accompaniment for Hiele’s show – excited and terrified! I’ll be showing visuals at Troglobatem festival in Stuttgart this weekend as well. After that I have no immediate projects, but I’d like to make a video for my friend False Sir Nicholas, something with more of a story line in the vein of ‘Hazy Frog’, create a little world that’s more detailed and imaginative and fun. I like fun.”

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