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Viitakoski Blue Exhibition



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Jan-Erik Juhani Viitakoski composed his minimalist debut work Blue Exhibition, during one night, in the home studio of his father Hella von Viitakoski’s home studio Villa Berlin, at the age of six. As Viitakoski Jr. told in an interview for Helsingin Sanomat, the work was created in a derelict art museum where he had spent his nights. The descriptions of the museum and its blue art works were detailed and vivid, and the paper received many inquiries about the museum’s location and its fascinating exhibition.

The research led to a curious conclusion: there was no such art museum or blue exhibition. Various specialists, from child psychologists to sleep researchers, looked into the case that was never definitively resolved or agreed upon. Jan-Erik Juhani Viitakoski disappeared after primary school. He was declared dead a decade later. Thirty years after his disappearance, however, he turned up on a blue bicycle in his hometown. There is no information about the course of his life during his absence. Today, Jan-Erik Juhani Viitakoski lives in a family mansion owned by the Viitakoski Foundation and is said to have returned to minimalism and contemporary art.

AKTICAS-3, edition of 75 copies.