Fricara Pacchu




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Finnish four-track madness from Maniacs Dream member Fricara Pacchu, all the way from Finland. Miles away from what we commonly dismiss as low fidelity here, Pacchu revels in crunchy, martial, lo-res beatwork, synth basslines, electronic squigglery, galvanized klang, and folk twiddling on stylophone, dark and monolithic but driven and determined to make you break a sweat. It has that warbling, overclocked quality of that SID synth comp from some years back called Input 64, a collection of songs cribbed from Commodore 64 games. All instrumental, and better for it – these are b-boy anthems from a parallel 1983, pulled inside out and soaked in battery acid for extra crunch. I really missed receiving genuinely oddball records like this that run on their own logic, instead of trying to play someone else’s game, and hope that things of similar quality keep coming in. Really cool.
(Doug Mosurock)