Eleanoora Rosenholm

Hyväile minua pimeä tähti



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Eleanoora Rosenholm third album Hyväile minua piemeä tähti. Released in 2011 by Fonal records. Features nine tracks including the hit single Valo kaasumeren hämärässä.

CD Tracklist

1. Kolo
2. Hakemus
3. Valo kaasumeren hämärässä
4. Pimeä tähti
5. Puoli päivää Firenzestä itään
6. Sata ave mariaa
7. Muistoja huvilalta
8. Köysitehdas

Fonal Records releases the new Eleanoora Rosenholm album Hyväile minua pimeä tähti (tl. ‘Caress Me, Dark Star’). A project begun by Noora Tommila, Pasi Salmi and Mika Rättö (better known as a core member of experimental psychedelic rock oufit Circle), Eleanoora Rosenholm is ostensibly a persona created by the band, which narrates the dramatic and disturbed odyssey of a suburban housewife.

The third installment is an even gloomier prospect (if possible) than before: this time the protagonist, housewife serial killer Eleanoora escapes to the heart and the city of a dark star.

Although musically in a similar vein to previous albums Vainajan muotokuva (2007) and Älä kysy kuolleilta, he sanoivat (2008), the sound of HMPT is even more dramatic, expansive and nuanced.

These colourful stories are the brainchilds of Mika Rättö, one of the most creative forces in Finnish contemporary rock scene, perhaps more familiar from the acts Circle, Rättö ja Lehtisalo and Kuusumun profeetta. Playing the role of Eleanoora, vocalist Noora Tommila is a sensitive interpreter, relaying a vast emotional range from quiet fragility to vociferous preaching. The whole discrete world of the album is composed by both Rättö and analog synth wizard Pasi Salmi.

Apart from these fellows, who else could turn naturally Gregorian choir influences to a potential modern club hit, like Sata Ave Mariaa?

Record label: Fonal Records