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Sami Aleksi Keinänen creates lo-fi electronic dance pop under the guise of Sumuposauttaja. Working with loopers and Yamaha synthesizers, Keinänen creates rhythms like heartbeats topped with lush textures and wistful melodies.

 Sami Aleksi Keinänen is also known as the drummer of Litku Klemetti and Jari Raaste.

After a string of mostly instrumental tape releases, Sami added his yearning vocals into the mix on 2018’s SP1ALBUM (Luola Records, Ultraääni). The new album, earnestly titled SP2ALBUM, takes off where the previous album ended. Highly danceable beats collide with warm and friendly synth tones, evoking nostalgia, longing, dreamlike states and tranquility, never losing sight of an invigorating pop sensibility.


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