Ville Leinonen & Valumo




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A1. Varpunen
B1. Hei, sisareni

During summer 1998 Ville Leinonen & Valumo made their first visit in a recording studio in Savonlinna, their hometown. Now this almost eight years old session of two songs has been released by Fonal Records.

The Sparrow is the same fragile little bird that appears on two old classic Finnish christmas carols (Freezing to death on the christmas morning and locked in the cage of Sylvia). The poor bird is dying, the end is near. Will the famous gunslinger save it in time?

Hey, my sister leads us to late 90´s smalltown-angst, too small circles. To a turningpoint of the darkest sequel of this reality show. Big Brother is about to lose his mind because of his little sister.

Format: 7 inch
Total lenght: 8 minutes.
Catalogue Number: FR-42
Released: 8.2.2006