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Side A
1. Kutsukaa sydäntä
2. Sydänten ahmija
3. Pete P
4. Laulu jo menneestä
5. Pysähtyneet planeetat

Side B
6. Muusimaa
7. Varjokuvastin
8. Muukalais-silmä
9. Suru ei

Islaja’s third album is a journey deeper into the world that for us is a dream and a fairytale, but to her a reality.

Islaja as a concept has turned into a star that is expected to shine with brilliance. But she is something else. The songs tell us about the decay of our age, its demise and immorality. Its plunge into heartless consumer culture. Islaja herself does not burn in that same fire. Her fire is an inner fire. Behind her eyes and in her heart you can see and hear her true charisma. True dedication and utter disrespect for the artificial authority made by men. Yet she is not the self-destructive Nico or the eccentric Björk. But a good woman. A tough one. Her eyes can burn a hole in you. Her songs are poems and stabbing knives.

“This Finnish lady delivers one of the best cd’s of 2007 and at the same time proves that language is no barrier when it comes to really good music. Islaja’s siren’s voice, at one time ecstatic, at other times desperate, cuts through the soul with ease. Beautiful enough to bring tears to your eyes!” -Kindamuzik

Format: LP
Total lenght: 39 minutes.
Catalogue Number: FR-49LP
Released: 18.4.2007
Record label: Fonal Records