Typhonian Highlife

The World of Shells



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Newest album by Spencer Clark recorded in Hanging Rock, Australia… Demon Classical Desert Fusion.
Gatefold LP Californian Egyptian Hieoglyphs message that appears inside. A record that began with the experience of a warlock showing me how to animate a mask, and ended with me wearing a charged mask in Hanging Rock Australia. Aquatic desert Alien universal being imaging techniques… Last few copies!

1. Chitahoori Training Tape 02:43
2. The Startled Gaze of The Chitahoori 02:46
3. Nyangani Warp Speeds 03:13
4. Symphosodon Nasty Boys 03:23
5. Nano-Zootypes In a Tenctonese Exhibition Tank 07:08
6. Wah Wah Day Gecko Gecco 03:39
7. Zenith Umbaba-Xeno 02:13
8. Oracle of Egret, Siracusa Sicily 15:05

Additional Sampling assistance by Grant Corum
Vocals on Oracle of Egret by Nour Pamela Moubarak