Star Searchers

Avatar Blue 2



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Skaters duo’s artist Spencer Clark (Black Joker, Fourth World Magazine, Monopoly Child, Typhonian Highlife, Vodka Soap)  soundtrack for a hypothetical blockbuster sequel.

1. Freshly Sprayed Amino Tanks 02:52
2. Total Dorsal Recall 08:26
3. Chenjiang Fauan 04:24
4. Thresher Shark Pods 05:09
5. Wetsuits of Wiwaxia 06:20
6. Reef Showers 04:07
7. Emu Bay Biodomes 03:57
8. Marine Snow Lines (Upworlds) 05:06

2nd Vinyl remastered Version of the double cd Avatar Blue. Mixed and Mastered by Roman Hiele, Christophe Albertijn, and finally mastered for vinyl by Dubplates

released November 13, 2020

Roman Hiele Mixing and Editing, Bodo Peters Art Design