Laihonen & Salmi

Rauhan ja nautinnon puutarhassa



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1. Rauhan ja nautinnon puutarhassa osa 1 (9:14)
2. Rauhan ja nautinnon puutarhassa osa 2 (21:33)

Rauhan ja nautinnon puutarhassa (In the garden of peace and pleasure) is a meditative sound piece created by Pasi Salmi and Simo Laihonen, which paints a serene sonic space where the listener can rest and wonder.
In terms of style, the album floats somewhere between impressionism, avant-garde jazz and ambient music, without falling into any of these categories in particular.

Simo Laihonen (b.1982) is a percussionist whose expressive repertoire is complemented by flutes. He has studied with the American natural healer & drummer pioneer Milford Graves. Laihonen has worked with bands e.g Sound & Fury and Black Motor.

Pasi Salmi (b.1978) is a keyboard player and composer from Pori, who has worked with the bands e.g. Magyar Posse, Eleanoora Rosenholm and Saijaa Saijaa.