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King Kongo



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1. King Kongo (2022 mix) 09:49
2. King Kongo (1998 original) 10:25

24 years in the making, this incredible underground/outsider noise-hop anthem gets its ultimate release.

I’ll admit it, in 1998, less than a year after having started fiddling with samplers and distortion pedals, we had very little idea or context of what we were doing. Totally groping in the dark, but optimistic of having something great come out eventually. Not sure if it did, but we did manage to create King Kongo, a mindlessly stampeding track of distorted big beats, mandolin loops and slabs of noise. Released on small runs on CD-Rs and online, it remained a cult classic for those who happened to hear it.

In 2020 we were reminded of this track’s existence, and decided to make a new version. We created a new lush reworking with rhythm embellishments around the sparse original beat, retro dancehall-y basslines, some ambient sonics and birdsong.

For this ultimate release, Teemu Korpipää reworked the mix, emphasizing the brutally heavy low end and overall flow of the track.

The 12” includes the new King Kongo 2022 mix, with the 1998 original on the flipside. The record was half-speed cut at 45rpm at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, and is pressed on bone-coloured vinyl, packed in a sleeve decorated by the iconic King Kongo skull photo. Released by Pink Twins Media.

released May 26, 2022

Composed by Juha Vehviläinen & Vesa Vehviläinen
Original version recorded at Pink Twins home studio 1.0 in 1998
Remodeled at Jääkärinkatu studio, Helsinki in 2020
New mix and mastering by Teemu Korpipää at Popnalli
Vinyl cut by Ruy Marine at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin