Kastoin sulkaa kuulla



Limited edition of 250 black / 250 yellow & purple splash vinyl! Please note there is no digital download available with the vinyl and it is not available on any digital platforms. Vinyl only release!

Helmi Levyt and Fonal Records will release Paavoharju’s first live album on 15th of October 2021. Kastoin sulkaa kuulla was recorded at Paavoharju’s final concert at G Livelab in Tampere, Finland on 12th of March 2020.

“Lauri Ainala asked me to get the live band together for the Tuote book release party at Korjaamo, Helsinki in the spring of 2018. First the idea was to perform as a Paavoharju tribute band, but since Paavoharju has never really been a cohesive group and the groups line up had changed a lot over the years it was decided to do it as Paavoharju after all.

Perhaps the biggest reason that we considered to call it a tribute band was because Olli Ainala was missing from the line up. It was clear that Toni Kähkönen and Joose Keskitalo would be included. For the vocalist that could manage the peculiar style of Jenni Koivistoinen there was only one possible option. Anniina Saksa who also sang on Paavoharju’s third album. Tuukka Tervo was asked to be the frontman as I knew he got the idea and was able to play both the guitar and the keyboards. Tuukka suggested that Lasse Lindgren could play the bass. I played drums and Lauri handled the ambience and hiss. In the end the sound was closer to Paavoharju’s original compositions than ever before.

The gig at Korjaamo was supposed to be the only concert but because it worked so well we decided to play Flow Festival and Ääniwalli to celebrate the release of the first two albums’ reissues. One more set of concerts was played at G Livelab Helsinki and Tampere. The band was performing excellently with the added help from Teemu Vänskä on Piano and Synthesizer. The G Livelab concerts happened at the last moment on the 11th and 12th of March, just before the pandemic shut down the country on the 13th of March 2020.”

– Arwi Lind, Saarijärvi yoga institute, 21st September 2021

A1 Ikuisuuden maailma
A2 Valo tihkuu kaiken läpi
A3 Syvyys
A4 Ikkunat näkevät
A5 Kuu lohduttaa huolestuneita
B1 Musta katu
B2 Kirkonväki
B3 Uskallan
B4 Kevätrumpu
B5 Kuljin kauas