Motelli Skronkle




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Motelli Skronkle takes the listener to a world of hypnotic absurdities that gives an impression of man’s place at the centre of the universe in an exquisite way. The group’s futuristic music is gut loaded with penetrating vigour that will make one’s energies flow. It is minimalist campfire techno. It is blasphemous arctic groove. It is archaic blues. It is modern music about instant redemption. It is deadpan in its constructive display of power. It has been so much ahead of its time that few have really grasped it yet.

Formed in the 1980s, the group has previously released three albums and a collection album. The new album, Juna (Finnish for ‘a train’), is based on the firm Motelli Skronkle tradition of agricultural and urban angst. The new album is also laden with melodic elements from tantric roaming music, which haven’t been present in the group’s repertoire before.