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Lumottu karkkipurkki



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1. Lumottu karkkipurkki
2. Metsä
3. Afrikka
4. Systeemi 1
5. Aaveet
6. Systeemi 6
7. Linna
8. Systeemi 9
9. Sumusaha
10. Puutos
11. Sininen maa
12. Aasia
13. Systeemi 4
14. Karkit
15. Aarre

Lumottu karkkipurkki ('the enchanted candy jar') is a musical work of two concepts: a song cycle based on an obscure finnish children's book of the same name. The plot is simple; a boy buys a candy jar from an old 'witchy' shopkeepress. Every time the boy takes a colourful drop his surroundings change unexpectedly and completely. He meets strange beings in the nearby forest. The atmosphere is exciting and slightly scary. Ville eats all the drops and craves for more, but the woman with the shiny green ring is gone and so are the candies…

The other concept, Vapaa systeemi ('free system') has something to do with plucking stringed instruments growing moss and the speed control, but we don't want to get too specific here.

The cd is the first release of this music that provides more than a couple dozen copies for circulation. The prior ones were a tape on Huutomerkki-nauhat in the year 2000 and double 8″ picture disc with gorgeous ornaentation by our man on Campbell Kneale's Celebratre Psi Phenomenon imprint a couple years later.

Lumottu karkkipurkki was the first release after Mr. Anderzén abandoned his harem (& the couple obligatory eunuchs) in order to work his way out in a more solitude manner, with his bare hands and the four tracks. So, besides from being darn good late night drooling accompaniment, this music has some sort of historical significance.

– Ralf Normaali

Total lenght: 34 minutes
Catalogue Number: FR-38
Released: 7/2005
ISRC: FI-SSP-05-00023 – 00037
Record label: Fonal Records