Billy Boys

Ghost City EP



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Billy Boys was started by Äijälä brothers Veli-Matti (aka Läjä aka Johnny Helicopter) and Markku (aka Stooge aka Hank Morlock). The lineup doubled when Läjä’s then-wife Sirpa (aka Victoria Frankenstein) and punk rock veteran Vesa Häkli (aka Adam West) joined the band. After the 1986 release “Harley Man”, this lineup of Billy Boys went into hiatus. Läjä and Sirpa separated and Markku has since passed away. Billy Boys gigged occasionally, but new releases did not appear until 2010 onwards. Ghost City EP was released on Joteskii Groteskii in 2015. Contains 4 tracks by Läjä Äijälä. A short essay sheet “Rebellis metaphysica” included.