Stories of the Old

7" + book


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A1 Bianca’s Beachparty
A2 Upsidedown Wind
B1 Text-Message From Beyond

Fricara Pacchu started out his musical career as a rapper (Imukoira Koiruli) in The Backdoor Funkers. The BF managed to get one album ready just before they never saw each other again, causing changes in all members. This might be the reason why Pacchu has only been able to work with instrumental sounds ever since. A chain of collabo-rationalizing was to follow in groups such as The Anaksimandros, Slow Convulsion, Rorererot, Avarus, Multi-Spatial Love Band… but not until the birth of techno-rock-trio Maniacs Dream was Pacchu able to find all the fundamental particles of his shattered inner plectrum. Hence, the music on this 7” is the consequence of using a plectrum. It is pretty good for doing parkour but it can also help you forgive and respect (if you want to). The second track was recorded after having a conversation with a man and a girl. “Stories of the Old” also contains 42 pages packed with Pacchu’s visual scribblings that might make you fall asleep after every page (because it’s soo beautiful). Pacchu has previously released three cassettes. A cd titled “Snow and Wind” will follow soon on Finnish label Lal Lal Lal along with a near 80-minute demolition of sound from Maniacs Dream. Here is a glimpse of what has been said about Pacchu’s second cassette: “Where do you go after you’ve single-handedly destroyed the entire canon of recorded psychedelic musics? Into techno, apparently.”

Format: 7″ + 40 page Book
Total lenght: 11 minutes
Catalogue Number: FR-51
Released: 12.12.2007
Record label: Fonal Records