Det Går Runt Igen

Pin set


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Det går runt igen is the first full length release by Jarse, available on CD, colored 12″ vinyl and download.

The cover art is a tiny installation, to be completed by piercing the covers with a set of pins (use your own or buy the official Jarse pins). After piercing has finished placed store the installation how you wish. Further covers include stereoscopic 3D graphics that can be viewed with a crosseye technique. All the graphics that seem to appear on the covers twice are in fact pictures meant for different eyes and when viewed correctly, will reveal their 3D nature.

How to setup cover installation:

1. Remove the record from the covers
2. For CD, open the gatefold completely
3. Pick up a set of colored end pins
4. Search closely for the crosses on the cover. Each cross is marked with a number. Search for a cross with same number on both images and insert the pin with the same color to both crosses.
5. 3D effect also works with needles in place which seem to be floating in space.