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Jarse’s debut multimedia single, Alas, is to be released by Fonal Records on 29th May 2011, on 7 inch vinyl and digital formats. The release includes one epic track split over two sides of the 7″ to assure the deepest possible grooves and optimal high fidelity sound. Additional multimedia features, only on the vinyl, can be experienced when record is used with a modern computer.

A hypnotic bow to the pioneers of electronic music from a modern living room spiced with psychedelic guitar riffs, Jarse is the new project of Jari Suominen, known for his work in the analog instrumental quartet Shogun Kunitoki, and psychedelic folk group Kiila. This single holds the record for being one of the fastest productions in Fonal history: the whole process including composition, recording sessions and cover art took just two weeks. It was also recorded using this revitalized old school approach. During the aforementioned two weeks, the track was recorded twice, the first version being recorded alone by Jari using numerous overdubs. This version however lacked groove and feeling, and Jari decided to hire in professional session musicians, with the final version of Alas recorded practically fully live in Jari’s home studio (counting out few vocal overdubs).

Record label: Fonal Records